Salt Lake City March 2015

My Salt Lake City trip in March 2015 experienced excellent weather. It was in the 70’s all week and during that

week there was exceptionally high solar activity, providing the fabulous Northern Lights further south than normal. Unfortunately, I was not in a location to experience the Northern Lights, but the city lighting was nice.

_ LDS Conference Center IMG_0342-26.jpg_ Chief Washakie IMG_0306-10.jpg_ LDS Conference Center Art Work IMG_0302-8.jpg_ LDS Conference Center Fountain IMG_0310-12.jpg_ LDS Conference Center Gallery IMG_0305-9.jpg_ LDS Conference Center Pipe Organ IMG_0291-7.jpg_ LDS Conference Center Pipe Organ IMG_0344-27.jpg_ Lion House Sign IMG_0371-39.jpg_ Lion House Detail IMG_0377-44.jpg_ Lion House Piano IMG_0373-41.jpg_ Lion House SLC IMG_0381-46.jpg_ Looking Through The Gate IMG_0284-5.jpg_ Mormon Tabernacle Choir IMG_0347-28.jpg_ Mormon Tabernacle Choir IMG_0364-37.jpg_ Mormon Tabernacle Choir IMG_0367-38.jpg_ Tabernacle Detail IMG_0363-36.jpg_ Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pipe Organ IMG_0351-30.jpg_ One Face of the Church IMG_0265-1.jpg_ Salt Lake Assembly Hall Detail IMG_0266-2.jpg_ Plaza Hotel in the Distance IMG_0317-14.jpg_ SLC City View IMG_0336-21.jpg_ SLC City View IMG_0340-24.jpg_ SLC City View IMG_0341-25.jpg_ Utah State Capitol Building IMG_0330-19.jpg_ Utah State Capitol IMG_0321-16.jpg_ Utah State Capitol IMG_0324-18.jpg