This is a collection of images of some of the people who have molded me into the person I am today.


Police Officers  @ Bank 8-79  Greece 1121-14.jpgSF Cable Car CA 9-81 20-VX.jpgSharpening Saw India 12-79 16.jpgSleeping Cowboy 12-86 CA 1117-01.jpgSpinning Wool Nepal 1-80 01-X.jpgThailand Park Food Vendor 2-80 30.jpgTripod Party 3-96 CA 1129-33.jpgTruck (Horn Please) 1-80 Nepal 1121-01-X.jpgAnsel Adams @ Home CA 7-83 2-XX-c100.jpgAl at Stewart-Hyder 7-99 Can 22-23-c8.jpgAlan at Egyptian Museum 5-78 18-V-c87.jpgCasablanca Worlds Apart 10-77 Morocco 1121-01-c93.jpgChina Statue Factory 2-80 38-05-c86.jpgChina Statue Factory 2-80 38-10-c3.jpgChina Statue Factory 2-80 38-17-c76.jpgChinese Boy's Playing 2-80 China 1121-05-c38.jpgChinese Laborers 2-80 China 1121-07-c24.jpgChinese Market Place 2-80 China 1121-37-c93.jpgChinese Street 2-80 17-c89.jpgChinese Street 2-80 18-c62.jpgEgypt Cheops Pyramid 5-78 03-V-X-c94.jpgEgypt Cheops Pyramid 5-78 33-V-X-c24.jpgFoggy Greek Village 1-79 18-VX-c100.jpgGathering Firewood 12-79 India 08.jpgGo Gay Soda 1-80 Nepal 2524-X-c24.jpgGreek Bearing Gifts 8-78 Greece 1121-05-c13.jpgIndian Banana Stand 12-79 18-X.jpgIndian Camel Cart 12-79 23-X.jpgIndian Checkers 12-79 10-X-c32.jpgIndian Guard 12-79 India 1121-05-c67.jpgIndian Snake Charmer 12-79 13-X-c61.jpgIndian Trash Wagon 12-79 15-X-c63.jpgJaipur Food Stands 12-79 India 10-c46.jpgJaipur Fruit Stands 12-79 India 17-c29.jpgJerusalem Arab Woman 4-78 Israel 1121-10 -c62.jpgKaka's Restaurant 12-79 India 1532-VX-c16.jpgKathmandu 1-80 Nepal 22-V-c79.jpgKathmandu Market 1-80 Nepal 1121-13-c18.jpgKathmandu Street Nepal 1-80 15-c65.jpgKenya Masai Women 4-79 49-c90.jpgMasai Village Kenya 3-79 45-c30.jpgMasai Women 3-79 Kenya 1121-26-c19.jpgMedicineman Kenya 3-79 48-c38.jpgMen Jaipur India 12-79 24-c65.jpgMoroccan Broom Maker 10-77 1121-21-c4.jpgMountain Children 1-80 Nepal 2117-X-c78.jpgNairobi Market 4-79 Kenya 20-V-c6.jpgNepal Children 1-80 23-25-VX-c17.jpgNepal Grandmother 1-80 25-17-X-c70.jpgNepal Smoker 1-80 21-11-V-c36.jpgNepal Tobacco Smoker 1-80 21-c41.jpgPeople on Street 2-80 China 1121-20 -c4.jpgPepsi Sign in Greece 7-79 01-c70.jpgAl at Stewart-Hyder 7-99 Can 22-23.jpgAlan at Arctic Circle 7-99 Can 7-35-V.jpgFoggy Greek Village 1-79 18-VX.jpgGo Gay Soda 1-80 Nepal 2524-X.jpgGreek Bearing Gifts 8-78 Greece 1121-05.jpgRoad Scholars and our Bus DSC_2604.jpgAlan at the Arctic Circle DSC_2713.jpgMuseum of the North DSC_2251.jpgColdfoot Dog Sled DSC_2519.jpgAndy_Long_MP_A195.7-AK-P0B0757.jpgTruck at Atigun Pass DSC_2635.jpgBathe With a Friend IMG_8294.jpgSanta_s_House_North_Pole_AK-_P0B1204.jpgBodie Cellist IMG_8304.jpgBodie Band IMG_8290.jpgFemale Bodie Resident IMG_8237.jpgBison Roundup at Custer State Park DSC_5907.jpgBodie Resident Family IMG_8231.jpgBodie Residents L1560029.jpgBodie Residents IMG_8315.jpgBison Roundup at Custer State Park DSC_5977.jpgBison Roundup at Custer State Park DSC_5933.jpgBison Roundup at Custer State Park DSC_5991.jpgAlysa McCall DSC_0496.jpgIceland Map International Photographer IMG_3464.jpgPeople on the Rear Deck of Tundra Buggy DSC_0769.jpgChurch Ralph Preaching IMG_0890.jpgIcelandic Children IMG_0070.jpgReykjavik Cafe IMG_0133.jpgReykjavik Street Scene IMG_0193.jpgTundra Buggy DSC_0684.jpgReykjavik Street Scene IMG_0191.jpgGanges River Bathers 12-79 India 07.jpgFood Vendor India 12-79 33.jpgFriendly Indian Boys DSC_1401.jpgReykjavik Street Vendors IMG_0175.jpgGanges River Bathers 12-79 India 13.jpgGathering Firewood and Dung 12-79 India 08.jpgIndia Brass Worker 12-79 5-01.jpgIndia Holy Man 12-79 17-10-V.jpgIndia Sharpening Saw Varanasi 12-79 16.jpg