This is my first trip to Southern Africa, I lived in Northwest Africa and visited Kenya & Tanzania twice. The people in Kenya & Tanzania are similar in customs and kindness to the people I met and observed in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, & less in South Africa. We started in South Africa, I arrived a day earlier and visited The Cradle of Humankind, the caves where the earliest Homo remains have been found. I have had an interest in our evolution and migration out of Africa for a long time. So a visit to The Cradle of Humankind was perfect. On a previous Tanzania visit I experienced the Great Migration from Tanzania to the Mara River which divides Tanzania from Kenya. On this migration, 100,000’s of Zebra’s, Wildebeest’s, and all the other wildlife makes this migration across the Mara River into Kenya. Several months later the reverse migration starts back into Tanzania. The grass eating animals not only has to fear the predator’s on the ground, but waiting in the Mara River are the Nile Crocodile’s licking their lips for fresh meat. But getting back to The Cradle of Humankind migration, these people had to follow their food supply, whichever direction they traveled. The ice ages controlled the direction and where people & wildlife would be able to travel.

Hornbill Southern Yellow-billed DSC2822.jpgIntabayengwe Village Cooking Utensils DSC3179.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3176.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3177.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3178.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3181.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3182.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3183.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3191.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3196.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3197.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3198.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3201.jpgIntabayengwe Village DSC3203.jpgHippopotamus DSC2554.jpgHippopotamus Warning DSC2546.jpgHornbill Red-billed DSC2138.jpgHornbill Southern Ground DSC2758.jpgHornbill Southern Ground DSC2759.jpgHornbill Southern Ground DSC2856.jpgDavid Livingstone Hotel DSC1895-c15.jpgDavid Livingstone Hotel DSC1897-c90.jpgDavid Livingstone Hotel DSC1900-c72.jpgFrancolin Red-billed DSC2639.jpgGeese Egyptian DSC2559.jpgGeese Egyptian DSC2562.jpgGirafee DSC2174.jpgGirafee DSC2184.jpgGirafee DSC2186.jpgGirafee DSC2188.jpgGirafee DSC2189.jpgGrey Heron DSC2567.jpgBee-eater White-fronted DSC2149.jpgBee-eater White-fronted DSC2258.jpgBee-eater White-fronted DSC2453.jpgBee-eater White-fronted DSC2454.jpgBee-eater White-fronted DSC2458.jpgCrocodile DSC2522.jpgCrowned Crane DSC2835.jpgDarter African DSC2280.jpgDarter African DSC2511.jpgDarter African DSC2514.jpgDarter African DSC2516.jpgDavid Livingstone Hotel DSC1895.jpgDavid Livingstone Hotel DSC1897.jpgDavid Livingstone Hotel DSC1900.jpgDrongo DSC2710.jpgEagle African Fish DSC2428.jpgEagle African Fish DSC2535.jpgEgret Cattle DSC2397.jpgEgret Cattle DSC2398.jpgEgret Yellow-billed DSC2141.jpgEgret Yellow-billed DSC2142.jpgElephant DSC3023.jpgSOWETO Welcome DSC1846-c26.jpgSOWETO DSC1842-c82.jpgSOWETO DSC1844-c64.jpgSOWETO DSC1845-c98.jpgSOWETO DSC1847-c25.jpgSOWETO DSC1848-c71.jpgSOWETO DSC1849-c5.jpgSOWETO DSC1850-c95.jpgSOWETO DSC1851-c99.jpgSOWETO DSC1852-c49.jpgSOWETO DSC1855-c40.jpgSOWETO DSC1856-c35.jpgSOWETO DSC1857-c68.jpgSOWETO DSC1858-c1.jpgSOWETO DSC1876-c15.jpgSOWETO DSC1877-c39.jpgSOWETO DSC1878-c37.jpgSOWETO Hector Pieterson Museum DSC1859-c46.jpgSOWETO Hector Pieterson Museum DSC1860-c72.jpgSOWETO Hector Pieterson Museum DSC1862-c93.jpgSOWETO Hector Pieterson Museum DSC1864-c78.jpgSOWETO Hector Pieterson Museum DSC1865-c25.jpgSOWETO Hector Pieterson Museum DSC1866-c39.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1788.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1789.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1790.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1791.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1794.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1796.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1797.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1798.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1802.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1806.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1807.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1811.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1815.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1816.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1817.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1818.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1819.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1820.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1829.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1833.jpgCradle of Humankind DSC1834.jpg