These are the “Lords of the North”


The Polar Bears come to Churchill as the ice starts to melt (June-July) around Hudson Bay. After leaving the ice and the seals, their main food source, the polar bears don’t eat anything until they return to the frozen tundra again around December. They don’t hibernate (except pregnant females), but are in a walking hibernation that conserves their energy use.


Museum for Human Rights DSC_0087.jpgChurchill Sign DSC_0305.jpgChurchill Main Street DSC_0316.jpgSnow Cat in Churchill DSC_0299.jpgAlysa McCall DSC_0496.jpgPeople on the Rear Deck of Tundra Buggy DSC_0769.jpgPolar Bear & Tundra Buggy DSC_0880.jpgPolar Bear & Tundra Buggy DSC_0917.jpgPolar Bear & Tundra Buggy DSC_0924.jpgPolar Bear & Tundra Buggy DSC_0928.jpgTundra Buggy DSC_0684.jpgTundra Buggy DSC_0157.jpgTundra Buggy Hotel DSC_0115.jpgPolar Bear Doing Pushups DSC_0250.jpgPolar Bear DSC_0124.jpgPolar Bear DSC_0126.jpgPolar Bear DSC_0151.jpgPolar Bear DSC_0323.jpgPolar Bear DSC_0451.jpgPolar Bear Head Shot DSC_0348.jpgPolar Bear Rolling in Snow DSC_0838.jpgPolar Bear Rolling in the Snow DSC_0264.jpgPolar Bear Rolling Over DSC_0261.jpgPolar Bear Rolling Over DSC_0264.jpgFemale Polar Bear & Two Cubs DSC_1271.jpgFemale Polar Bear & Two Cubs DSC_1262.jpgTwo Polar Bear Cubs DSC_1269.jpgTwo Polar Bears DSC_0241.jpgTwo Polar Bears DSC_0242.jpgTwo Polar Bears Mock Fighting DSC_0967.jpgPolar Bear Traps DSC_0360.jpgPolar Bear Jail DSC_0370.jpgPolar Bear Jail DSC_0372.jpgHeading Off to the Ice DSC_1173.jpg