China 1980

During my visit to China in early 1980 I experienced the growing pains and got some insights into the Chinese Government who just opened China to tourism.

Before I was allowed to enter China, I had to interview with the Chinese Visa Interviewers. These people decided if I was the type of person they wanted to let into China and interact with the Chinese people during the trip. In addition to the restrictions, I had to spend at least $100 a day. The trip price included everything, hotels, travel, food etc. We had at least one minder with us at all times.

The Chinese people were very shy to foreigners, the adults and/or children didn’t interact with people who were different than them. This was a time when the Chinese people had little or no contact with outsiders and how to behave was a learning experience for both the visitors as well as the residents.

China Mother %26 Children 2-80 12-X-c63.jpgChina Statue Factory  2-80 10.jpgChina Statue Factory  2-80 15.jpgChinese at the Zoo 2-80 29.jpgChinese Boy's Playing 2-80 China 1121-05.jpgChinese Laborers 2-80 China 1121-07.jpgChinese Market Place 2-80 China 1121-37.jpgChinese Street 2-80 18.jpgPeople on Street 2-80 China 1121-20 .jpg