Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie is one of California’s best preserved gold mining ghost towns, the park remains in a state of arrested decay.

Bodie Sign L1550930.jpgBathe With a Friend IMG_8294.jpgBodie Band IMG_8290.jpgBodie Cellist IMG_8282.jpgBodie Cellist IMG_8304.jpgMiner on Horse & Mule IMG_8266.jpgBodie Miner & Mule IMG_8300.jpgFemale Bodie Resident IMG_8237.jpgFemale Bodie Resident IMG_8238.jpgBodie Resident Family IMG_8229.jpgBodie Resident Family IMG_8231.jpgBodie Residents L1560029.jpgBodie Residents IMG_8315.jpgBodie Buildings L1560044.jpgBodie Mine IMG_8233.jpgBodie Mine IMG_8251.jpgBoiler & Mining Equipment L1550941.jpgCar Parts & Cabin L1550944.jpgFront End of Old Car L1550960.jpgIndian Motorcycle L1550972.jpgKid & Car L1550991.jpgOld Bodie Store Front L1550974.jpgOld Convertible & Runble Seat L1550963.jpgOld Convertible L1550969.jpgOld Mining Equipment L1550922.jpgOld Mining Equipment L1550934.jpgOld Mining Equipment L1550935.jpgMiner Riding Through Bodie L1550956.jpg